• All our blinds have a 2 year carry -in guarantee.

  • Because our blinds are custom made, a 50% deposit is required prior to ordering and the balance is due on completion  of installation

  • Manufacturing takes 8 to 10 working days  

  • All good remains the property of BS until paid for in full. 

  • Any damaged blinds or incorrect orders must be reported on the day of installation(while the fitters are on site) after this time we accept no responsibility.

  •  Any remaining balance must be paid for at the time of installation and no customer shall be entitled by any reason of any alleged minor defects to withhold any payment.

  • If such minor defects are reported within 48 hours by email, the blind will be taken back to the factory for replacement or repairs

  • Non-payment on the day of installation will result in the removal of unpaid blinds.

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