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Install Venetian Blinds

Recess-  Inside the windowsill

Face Fixing - To the wall above the windowsill

1. Measure your blinds width and drop and make marks on the wall above the windowsill to show how far above the blind will fit also make sure the drop is about 5cm below the windowsill

Marking place in wall where bracket must come
Clip plastic hooks on head rail to hold the pelmet
Drilling holes where you made marking for brackets
Face fix Bracket for Bass Wood Venetian blind
Mount this side against wall
Brackets mounted on the wall
Hook Blind onto Briakets and ose slider to secure

2. Drill holes where you marked it and insert plugs into the drilled holes. Use a screwdriver to attach the brackets to the wall. Ensure the brackets are not positioned on top of the moving components parts as this will affect the operation of the blind.Space the brackets evenly and make sure they are level

Hook pelmet into plastic hooks
Hook blind onto brackets & turn slider to hook them
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