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The Groove System Roman Blinds

Our Roman blind non-stitch groove system is remarkably elegant, with perfectly straight fabric folding supported by aluminum batterns and bottom rails. This system offers no skew or pin-hole stitching especially on blackout fabrics and improves the aesthetics of the roman blind with clean horizontal lines.


Soho Block Out and Semi-Translucent

Soho Translucent colours.png
Soho Translucent colours 2.png
Soho Translucent - Pearl Grey.png
Soho Translucent - Orient.png
Soho Translucent - Nova Stone.png
Soho Translucent - Star Dance.png
Soho Translucent - Limestone.png

Zen Block Out Material

Zen Block 1.png
Zen Block 2.png

Arizona Block Out and Semi-Translucent

Colours 2.png

Features & Benefits

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