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We have a special unit ready to clean and service your blinds Professionally
Cleaning services in the Durban area only

Water Drops

Let us clean your Aluminium 

Venetian blinds

  • We will remove and rehang them. 

  • At our warehouse, they are sprayed down with our special soap, cleaned with our unique tool and rinsed.

  • the components get a silicon coat to work smoother.

Please let us know if the blind is not in working order and components have to be replaced - This will be extra

Cleaning Binds.jfif

How to work out the price

We don't come out to quote for cleaning

1. Pick up and rehang fee

    50km radius around Pinetown  = R500

    30km radius around Pinetown  = R300

Or you can bring them in and pick them up

and rehang them

2. Per blind size under 1.5m width =R250

3. Per blind size over 1.5m width  =R350

4. per blind size over 2.5m width  =R400

If the drop is over 2 Meters please add 10%

Cleaning Venetian Blinds.jpg
Cleaning Venetian blinds 3.jpg


 down for Vertical blinds

 Vertical Blinds clean and repair fees


Cleaning Vertical blades

We unclip and roll up the blades 

Soak in tanks with special soap, rinse and dry

Count the number of Blades you have  x R7.00


Repair Tracks

The number of Tracks that don't work x R120.00


Replace Components

Per Slatholders x R2.10

Per bottom weight x R5.50

Per meter chain x R4.80

Pick up and rehang charges

R500.00 for a 50km

or R300 for a 30km

radius around Pinetown

(Or you can bring them in and pick up and rehang them)


Please click on the email to give us your details of the cleaning you want done

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