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Roller Blinds info and styles

  1.  Roller blinds are used for shading or total sunblock, depending on what desired effect is required. There is a range of fabrics from light almost transparent fabrics to the total block out fabric.

  2. The blind operates from an aluminium tube (32mm / 38mm / 45mm) with a modern chain operated side control which allows for easy operation.

  3.  Roller blinds need to be guided by hand when being rolled up so as to prevent the fabric from rolling up skew and touching the brackets which will cause fraying or creasing. Installing the blind absolutely level blind to roll up straight. 

  4. Although block out fabric blocks sunlight out completely, the light will still filter in on the sides of the blind.

  5.  There will be a 25mm gap on the side of the control and a 10mm gap on the opposite side. Two roller blinds in one window may be installed with one center bracket thus allowing a smaller gap between blinds.

Roller blind Styles

Classic Style

Classic System for Roller Blinds
Classic Headbar & Day Night_edited.jpg

Cassette Style

Cassette system for Roller Blinds

The Headbar System


Pelmets for Roller Blinds

Pelmet options for Roller Blinds

Two Roller blinds in one window - light gaps

2 blinds in one window with or without a suppoty link
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