Day/Night Roller Blinds


Control the sun's heat and glare by day and still have your privacy at night with this perfect combination of Corona block/Yamar Block material and shade weave/Sunscreen on one blind with two rollers

Please, note that block out blinds will have a 20mm light gap at the sides, top and between 2 blinds in the same window,

Bracket for day night roller blind.png

Day/Night Roller Blinds
2  Roller  1 Blinds

Best of both light-filtering and block-out material on one bracket with 2 Rollers

Key Features.....

  • Large range of colours and textures

  • Adjust privacy from light filtering to block out

  • For this blind, you have to choose 1block out colour and 1 shade Weave colour.

  • Motorize options available

Day Night Roller Blind.jpg