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Honeycomb Cellular Blinds


Honeycomb Blinds are innovatively designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. They can be installed on windows of various sizes and come corded for ease of use.

Honeycomb blinds are also bottom opened, stopping to give you the perfect view while still providing privacy. This is perhaps one of its most exciting features and offers great possibilities, it’s unique to have a set of blinds that bottom-opens!

They offer various Shading options!

Honeycomb blinds utilize cell shading and are made up of 100% non-woven polyester material joined at the pleats to create cellular pockets within your blinds. These cells trap air, thereby allowing greater heat and sound insulation.

Our blinds come double celled to offer even greater insulation. This saves on air conditioning bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

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