Outdoor Roller Blinds

Drop down Exterior Roller Blinds
Side Guide Wheel Channel Exterior Roller Blinds
Rialto Exterior Roller Blinds

Modern, sleek, and simple, suitable for balconies and verandahs. Supplied with special stainless-steel hold down brackets and bottom hooks to secure the blinds to floor mounts, side pillars, or railings. This classic exterior blind is designed to be either in the up or down position. Cassette head system can be added.

EXTERIOR – RIALTO  ( Supplied with channel and batons )
Rialto Exterior Blinds are modern and contemporary with aesthetic finished lines. This unique exterior blind has no weld or stitch exposed joins as it is supplied with aluminum reinforced batons to offer fabric strength and sturdiness. The combined batons and fabric are recessed in the side channels to secure the blind and cover any side gaps. Rialto Cassette head system can be added which complements and completes the blind.

Optional side channel guides are supplied with an internal
wheel guide system (however 20mm light gaps are visible between the fabric and the side channel). This system is also ideal for easy up and down function control and can be set positioned at various heights or half-mast on windy days with recommended inter-lock levels
Cassette head system can be added.

The outdoor Shade Weave is the modern alternative for your patio. The hi-tech Shade Weave fabric manages heat and glare on your patio while maintaining your view. Lower and raise the blind using a removable crank handle. The blind is secured at the bottom using a choice of hold down clips,  which allow the blind to remain down during windy weather