50mm Bass/Bamboo Wood Venetians Blinds

50mm Bamboo Wood Venetian Blinds

Diamond Coated Bass Wood Venetian Blinds

Ebony Black
Ebony Mahogany
Vintage Mahogany
Dark Roast
Meranti Cherry
Statesman Oak
Dark Cherry Wood
Natural Cherry
Light Maple
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50mm Bass Wood Venetian Blinds

Basswood is a wooden product that is sourced from sustainable forests and is, therefore, more eco-friendly than products like plastic, metal and other synthetic products. Real wooden blinds like basswood also retain heat in winter times and expel heat better in summer than metal, plastic and aluminum products.
Dark Cherry
American Walnut
Grey Mist
Lime Stone
White Wash
Lightn Blue
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Bamboo Venetian Blinds are extremely durable and can be used as an alternative to PVC Blinds in humid and high heat areas. These blinds bring a relaxed back to nature feel into your home.

Bamboo Venetians is lighter than the traditional Basswood or PVC Blinds and therefore much easier to manage and operate. Most of the bamboo grows in south china where there is a lot of rain. Bamboo will grow to harvestable size in about four years. This makes a very desirable eco-friendly product

50mm Bamboo Wood Venetian Blinds