How to Measure 

What you need

How To Measure

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First, decide if you want an Inside Mount/Recess or Outside Mount/Face fix

Inside mount is the most popular because your blinds are out of the way then

How to measure in mm Inside and outside

You need a Depth of at least 50mm inside your windowsill. from the window or  burglar guards to the edge to mount the blind inside/recess

Windowsill Depth big enough for Inside Mount

Enough space to fit inside the windowsil
Inside or Recess fit.jpg

Windowsill Depth not big enough for Inside Mount because of Burglar guards

Outside mount.jpg

Recess  or Inside Fitting

Make 3 measurements of the width and drop, write down the smallest of both. This measurement must be exact we will deduct 10mm for clearance

example: width 1250mm x drop 980mm

Recess 2 (2).png

Face or Outside Fitting

Make 1 measurement of the width and 1 of the drop take it at least 50mm over the sides, top and bottom or more if you want, no deductions will be made 

example: width 1350mm x drop 1080mm

Exact Fit of face fix (2).png

reading the Tape measure

Tile cutouts

Attach a picture like this to your order
  • If you have tiles or granite at the side of your windowsill sticking out and will be in the way of the blind when you close it you have two choices

  • 1. Measure your width up to the tiles and you will have a small opening at the sides of the blind.

  • 2. measure the tiles as a cutout in the blinds (as in the picture) Cutouts will be an extra cost