How to Get a Quote 

How to order Blinds

We have introduced a new system to order blinds so that we can give our customers better prices in these hard times by offering a 10% discount if you do your own measurements.

1.   Read how to measure your windows by going to “How to measure” then go to “Product Showroom” to decide what type of blind you require. Click on the type you like to see colour samples

2.  Go to “Request a quote” (Below) fill in details like Your name, cell no, type of blind, colour, face or recess fitting, address and window measurements. It will take about 2 hours to get your quote

3. The quote will indicate how much your 10% discount is. If you are happy with the quote, check your measurements again, email that you accept it and we will send you an Order

4.  We can send a consultant to come to measure,  only after you have accepted the quote. You will then, unfortunately, loos the 10% discount it will be paid to the consultant.

5.   You can also come to our offices (by appointment) to view samples or ask us to post the samples to you.


Request a Quote to Order Blinds
Choose the Type of Blinds yo require
Do you want the extra 10% discount for not sending a Consultant to measure
What side do you want the controls
Mounting Blinds
If in Durban or JHB area do you want us to fit

Thanks for submitting!