Zebra or Eclipse Roller Blind

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Whatever the time, day or night you can enjoy the sun, enjoy a bit of privacy but most importantly, enjoy complete control over the light coming into your home. This unique, double-layered roller blind is half voile, half regular roller blind and will revolutionize the way you shade your space, all while looking great!

Features of Zebra Blinds -

  • Zebra blinds has two fabric facings with each fabric facing having alternate translucent and opaque strips which can be aligned for complete light control and privacy.

  • Zebra Shades allow you to transition between sheer and privacy. The blinds roll up to open or close and while rolling can be adjusted so that the opaque stripes line up-offering privacy, light control, and insulation or aligning the translucent section to allow incoming daylight.

Please Note

We cannot guarantee perfect alignment of Zebra type blinds for 2 or more blinds in one opening.      Zebra blinds with different drops cannot be aligned. Zebra blinds have natural waves in the fabric and become more apparent with blinds exceeding 2 meters in width. 

Zebra /  Eclipse  Roller Blinds

One blind with double layered  fabric

Stylish design with optimal light control you can easily .adjust how much light you want Offering total privacy whilst still leaving the glow of light to keep the room light

Key Features.....

  • Exclusive materials and colours, block-outs and semi block-outs

  • Double layers of fabric that overlap

  • There is an extra charge for the cassette cover please indicate if you want this.

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With Cassette

With Cassette

With Cassette

Without Cassette